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Join the Wax Melts Anonymous subscription club if you're just as obsessed with wax melts as we are! We'll send you your monthly fix of wax melts with a new, exclusive scent every month. You won't find these scents elsewhere on the site so you're the only When In Aroma customers getting access to them. The scent each month will be a surprise until it shows up at your door. 


When will I receive my monthly wax melt?

  • Wax melts will be shipped out on the 1st of each month following when you subscribed. (Or the next business day if the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday). For example, if you signed up for the subscription February 2nd, your first wax melt will be shipped on March 1.

What kinds of scents can I expect to receive?

  • You'll receive a variety of scents! From fruity to bakery to floral to masculine, each month will be a new scent that you haven't seen from When In Aroma yet. However, a little insider's tip: I tend to like bakery and fruity scents so you can likely expect to see more of those scents.

When will I know what the scent of the month is?

  • When you open it! The scent of the month will be a mystery until it arrives at your door.

I'm local to York or Plymouth Meeting and would like to pick up my wax melt instead of shipping. Can I get a discount?

  • Yes! Please contact me for a discount code for you to use at checkout. However, you may not receive your wax melt as soon as everyone else. I am only back in York on select weekends. Plus, it might be more fun to receive in the mail!

Can I skip a month?

  • Yes! You can skip a month or pause your subscription when you create a When In Aroma customer account. Click here to register for an account.

How do I cancel?

  • If you'd like to cancel your subscription 😥, you can do so in your When In Aroma customer account. Click here to register for an account. Use the same email address you used to place the original order of the subscription. Please contact me if you need help.

When will I be charged each month?

  • Your payment method will be charged on the anniversary of placing your order each month. For example, if you purchased the initial subscription on February 2nd, you will be charged for your second month on March 2nd. However, if you choose to pause your subscription at any time, the date you resume the subscription will become the new anniversary.

I was charged for next month already, but I'd like to cancel/pause my subscription.

  • If you contact me before your wax melt is shipped, I can cancel and refund you. However, I cannot offer refunds if the wax melt has already been shipped.

What if I don't like the scent I received?

  • Unfortunately, I can't guarantee the scent of the month will please all noses. However, I do stand by the scents I choose and would only select scents that I personally would use. If you don't like a scent one month, gift it to a friend!

Can I count this towards the buy 4, get 1 free wax melts deal?

  • No, this is a special service that won't count towards the deal. You can, however, request that your monthly subscription be shipped with another order. Just reach out so we can set it up.

When in doubt, please contact me at wheninaroma@gmail.com if you have any questions!