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Low maintenance home fragrance: Reed diffusers are an easy way to have "always-on" fragrance so even on your busiest days you won't forget to make your home smell amazing. Great for bathrooms or smaller areas, these diffusers use wooden reeds to allow the fragrance to travel up the reed when dipped in the liquid base which then disperses the scent through the room. Lasting for at least 3 months, just flip the reeds whenever you need a new burst of fragrance!

Reed diffuser is 5 fl oz and comes with 6 reeds.

When In Aroma reed diffusers are non-toxic, VOC compliant in all 50 states (so you can be confident that your reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations), and do not contain DPG.

Ingredients (non-comprehensive): Fragrance Oil, Dimethyl, Dioxolan, Ylmethanol, Propanol, Acetate

How to use:

1. Remove cap and place reeds in the frosted bottle. 

2. Allow an hour or so for the liquid to travel up the reeds, then flip the reeds so that the dry ends are now in the liquid. For immediate fragrance, flip the reeds right away - but you will need to re-flip soon afterwards.

3. Set the bottle in a secure location, out of reach from pets, children, and accidental bumps. 

4. Flip the reeds as often as you'd like. In the beginning of the reed diffuser's life you may be able to do this weekly, but as the reed diffuser gets older, you will have to flip the reeds more often.