What's my story?

Hi there, thank you for visiting When In Aroma! I'm Shelby, the owner, founder, candle maker, marketer, and so much more. During the day, you'll find me working as a digital marketer in the suburbs of Philadelphia. At night, I pour my heart and soul into candlemaking.

The candlemaker of When In Aroma

A lot of people have been asking me how I got into candlemaking and what made me want to start a business anyways. So here's my story:

When I was a kid, I watched my mom get a lot of candles as Christmas gifts, and I thought "wow, what a boring gift." Fast forward quite a few years to college and I (illegally) began to burn a few small candles in my dorm room as I did homework or binged Netflix. From there, my candle obsession grew when I had apartments of my own.

About a year and a half ago, I first started to play with the idea of starting a candle business, but at the time when I looked into it, it was much more complicated than I expected. Plus, who knows if I could even make a good candle!

As Christmastime came around I figured I would give it a shot and bought a few candle supplies to make gifts for family. It was fun and felt rewarding, but I had no time for a business and still didn't really want to get into the hassle of it all.

First candles I made

Then: covid hit. I was working from home full time. I got a cat. I started playing way too much Farmville (let's be honest I still play it way too much). My friend launched her own small business. As I talked to her about what she did, I was so amazed and proud of everything she had done. I loved the idea of having my own side gig, and I started to make candles again. While I initially thought about doing something similar to her, I realized that what I needed was to do something I was passionate about: candles.

From those initial thoughts and encouragement from my friends that I COULD do this and I COULD succeed, I couldn't stop thinking about candles and all of the ideas I had to make my business unique. I joined candle Facebook groups, I watched hours of videos, and I tested new scents, different jars, and wicks.

For 3 months I worked hard to perfect my candles and develop the When In Aroma brand. I'm so proud to offer these products to you and can't wait to see what you think!