"Burnt Sienna" Ceramic Jar Soy Candle

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This modern ceramic candle with a cork lid is a limited quantity, special edition jar to double your candle as a decor piece too! Fill it with 14 ounces of your favorite scent.

14 oz Candle
• Burn time: 45-55 hours
• Dimensions: 3.5” x 4”
• Ideal for larger rooms to fill the space with delicious aroma

Why choose a soy wax candle?
• ECO-FRIENDLY: Soy is a clean burning, non-toxic wax which means it’s good for both the environment and your health. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. Not to mention, the wax will not give off black soot like paraffin wax that can stain your walls.
• LONGER BURN TIME: At a lower melting point, soy candles burn slower and extend the life of your candle.
• UNIQUE QUIRKS: After burning your soy candle, the surface may cool with craters just like the moon.
• AMERICAN-GROWN: Soy wax is harvested from soy beans grown in America.

Tips to get the most out of your candle:
1. On the first burn of your new candle, let the wax melt pool reach the edges of the jar. For 4 oz candles this may be as little as 1 hour and for 11 oz candles as long as 3 hours. This prevents “tunneling” and increases burn time.
2. ALWAYS trim the wick to about ¼” before burning your candle especially when the wick has “mushroomed” after the previous burn.

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