12 Days of Christmas Soy Wax Melts

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Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with a new wax melt each day! Enjoy a daily sample of 12 of our holiday scents.

How do the 12 Days of Christmas work? Traditionally the 12 Days of Christmas start on December 25th and run through January 5th. But, if you'd rather start your 12 Days of Wax Melts leading up to Christmas, start on December 14th and you'll use your last wax melt on Christmas Day itself!

Wax weight: 3.6 oz

The scents included in the 12 Days of Wax Melts:

  1. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
  2. Glistening Snow**
  3. Grandma's Christmas Cookies
  4. Christmas Glow
  5. Merry and Bright
  6. Candy Cane Cocoa
  7. Winterberry & Cypress**
  8. Santa's Midnight Snack**
  9. Jack Frost
  10. Holiday Eggnog
  11. Cranberry Fizz
  12. Gingerbread Man

** New scents in 2023 replaced three scents from 2022. The pictures listed are from 2022, but rest assured you will receive an updated pack with these three new scents!

Wax melts are used in containers specifically designed for warming wax. These are called wax melters which are typically used for decorative purposes in your home and can be purchased almost anywhere. They will either have a cord to plug into an outlet or plug right into the outlet themselves. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Place one or two seashells in your wax melter. Save the rest in your mini burlap sack for later.
  2. Plug in your wax melter and turn on the heat.
  3. Watch the seashells melt into a pool of wax. Quick, snap a picture!
  4. When you’re done, turn off the wax melter, unplug and let the wax harden. Then, when you’re ready to use again, turn the wax melter back on and the wax will melt once again.

Why choose a soy wax melt?

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Soy is a clean burning, non-toxic wax which means it’s good for both the environment and your health. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. Not to mention, the wax will not give off black soot like paraffin wax that can stain your walls.
  • LONGER BURN TIME: At a lower melting point, soy wax melts burn slower and extend the life of your melt.
  • AMERICAN-GROWN: Soy wax is harvested from soy beans grown in America.